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Flexible Knock Down Bollard

Flexible Knock Down Bollard

General Description

Flexible Knock Down Bollard with an elasticised joint for temporary or permanent applications.

Removable bollard post twist-locks into the base. Stem can be removed to allow access if required.

Strong elastic joint ensures bollard returns to upright position after impact.

Reflective hazzard band for better night vision.

The rubber base is easily installed with epoxy or masonry anchors.

Soft, lightweight bollard takes the knocks without causing damage to vehicles.

Technical Details

The bollard is manufactured from fluorescent orange polyethylene and a heavy duty recycled rubber base.


Bollard diameter is 100mm, Bollard base is 260mm diameter, Height is 800mm Weight 2.8 kg

Download: General and Technical Details for Flexible Knock Down Bollard

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